Art in the Workplace

Art in the workplace is something that has become very beneficial over the years and we believe that a quality environment can bring many tangible benefits.

Art can play a role in creating the right environment and in a recent report it was found that “it has long been established that the environment you work in can affect your happiness, your productivity, and even your health.” Turning your office into a gallery can boost employee productivity, enhance brand identity and improve your appearance and standing with clients.

Businesses are now starting to come to the realisation that art does not just provide an attractive appearance but is also a factor in employee happiness and retention. Many companies all over the world are now starting to understand that the arts are good for business. The world famous Deustsche Bank is a company that recognises art as very important in the workplace. The company now has one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the world with more than 60,000 works of art at 911 locations across 48 countries. Friedhelm Hütte, Deutsche Bank’s Global Head of Art says, “Art is a necessity.”

Art provides a forum for communication, expanded thinking, dialogue, and creativity. To that end, public and corporate art are essential components for creating a vibrant community. Art may also help retain staff in the workplace and make the office a destination of choice in the era of home-working and wireless offices. 93% of survey participants agreed that art makes the workplace more welcoming for employees and visitors alike.

Working with clients from around Scotland, we source and commission the provision of art that can be for the built environment, including offices, corporate headquarters, residential homes, hotels, health clubs and retail spaces. We believe in making the selection of art an enjoyable and stimulating experience for the spaces that concern you.