Jennifer Pettigrew

She studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art and taught art until 2000 when she decided to devote her time to painting full time. Jennifer has always been attracted to shapes, texture and colour although not always in a completely abstract way. She works with landscape, still life and a mixture of the two. The media used changes from day to day as she continues to experiment with hand-made paper, ink, pencil and mainly water based paints.

Travelling and finding new images is essential to Jennifer’s work but having preconceived ideas of what might be found are usually wrong. Visual images and excitement can appear from various sources when least expected. This inspiration is invaluable.

Jennifer especially enjoy finding out what other nationalities choose for building and the adornment of their houses and interiors. For instance, having experienced the beautiful sophistication of Japanese design and fabric, visiting Indian village interiors of Gujarat and Rajasthan came as a refreshing contrast. Her collection of objects and fabrics from other countries is used endlessly and objects arranged and rearranged in my paintings encouraging ideas about the common links between people and places across the world.

Jennifer’s paintings reflect these interests and inspiration and she is constantly searching for images which will surprise and delight the viewer and encourage them to wonder.Her landscape, still life and abstract paintings are available for purchase. Details of the price, size and type of framing is noted beside each example and information concerning the cost of delivery can be provided.

Biography 2007 Elected Honorary Member of Visual Arts Scotland Vice President - Visual Arts Scotland 2001 -2006 Elected Artist Member of Paisley Art Institute Director of Exhibiting Societies of Scottish Artists 2004 - 2006 Head of Art and Design (The Mary Erskine School Edinburgh until 2000) Elected Professional Member SSWA Teacher of Art and Design in Fife and Lothian BA (Hons) Open University DA (Drawing and Painting) Edinburgh College of Art